Hung Windows

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Hung Windows

A weight and chain hung window exudes class and tradition more than any other type of window. Perfectly balanced sashes travel effortlessly, no matter how large. We offer an authentically detailed window with the highest quality brass hardware and fully concealed weatherstripping.

Our weight-and-chain hung windows are available in single hung, double hung, and triple hung variants. In order to tackle certain design issues presented by weight pockets, we also offer a fully concealed spring balance mechanism which has all the same classic detailing found in our weighted windows. You will not find vinyl jamb liners offered in our lineup.

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Dig deeper - Triple Hungs

Range of options

  • Fully flexible stile and rail dimensions
  • True Divided Lite widths from 7/8"
  • Multiple wood species and split species capabilities
  • Custom sticking profile available
  • Restoration glass and laminated glazing options
  • Solid brass decorative hardware
  • Authentic one-piece sill option
  • Custom exterior trim packages