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    European Multifold Doors

    There are quite often several limitations when it comes to folding doors systems from other manufacturers. Some offer only outswinging systems, some cannot supply screening options, many cannot handle cladding, and others have limited door slab dimensions. We feel that we offer the widest range of options to be found anywhere at any price. Choose either inswing or outswing, hinged wood screens or concealed rollscreens, clad or all wood.... it's up to you.

    Our folding doors systems are perfectly matched for residential projects. Other big name manufacturers' products have a much more 'commercial' look and feel, and therefore best suited for use in institutions or restaurants.

    Range of options

    • Flexible stile & rail dimensions
    • Hinged screens or concealed rollscreens
    • Multiple wood species and split species capabilities
    • Solid brass decorative hardware
    • Inswing or Outswing