Curtainwall Systems

Venting lites

  • Casements/Awnings
  • picture window

    Clad Curtainwall

    This European designed system is engineered for use in large commercial buildings. However, our focus is mainly on high-end residential and light commercial applications. Curtainwall systems are ideal for use where large expanses are glass are needed. Unlike modular installations, curtainwall systems allow for onsite assembly and are not limited in size by what can fit on the truck. This eliminates awkward design problems like unwanted mullions and allows for a more continuous flow in the overall design.

    Operable inserts can be placed in any appropriately sized section of the layout. We offer inswing and outswing venting lites in both manually operated and fully automatic motorized systems. Our door details have also been tailored to complement the clean sitelines of the curtainwall assembly.

    Range of options

    • Operable venting lites
    • Multiple interior wood species
    • Oversized glazing